Fingerprints Brussels for Americans and Citizens of Other Countries

Fingerprints Brussels provides fingerprinting services for Americans, and citizens of other countries, who require fingerprints for background checks, immigration, employment, and so on. Fingerprints are required for FBI criminal record checks (rap sheets) and for Letters of Good Conduct from a particular state.

Save yourself the hassle of contacting police departments or the American Embassy. They DO NOT provide fingerprint services. Fingerprints Brussels may also be the most convenient location if you are searching for fingerprints in France, fingerprints in Holland, fingerprints in Luxembourg or fingerprints in Belgium.

Fingerprints Brussels is listed as a service on the U.S. Embassy in Belgium website in Brussels (choose FBI Criminal History Record).


What We Do

Your fingerprints will be inked and placed on a standard fingerprint form (FD-1164) commonly used for applicant or law enforcement purposes. We will provide the FD-1164 standard fingerprint form.

Please bring your passport with you. Please also have with you your American social security number (if you have one).
We will make rolled impressions of all 10 fingers.

We will make 2 inked fingerprint cards.

In the event that your submission is not accepted we will redo the fingerprints free of charge.

Our service is friendly, and we aim to make it as convenient as possible.

Your Fingerprint Cards can be used for the following:

1. Employment
Many corporations and agencies require both employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted.

2. Foreign Travel, Passports, Work Permit and Visas
Anyone who wishes to visit or work in another country may be asked to provide a criminal record check.

3. Citizenship, Permanent Resident & Immigration Applications
Applicants for citizenship in a country or permanent residence may be asked to provide a criminal record check with fingerprints.

4. International Adoption Applicants
Applicants who wish to adopt a child from a foreign country are required to provide a criminal record check with fingerprints.

5. Security License
Individuals in security-related positions may need to provide a criminal record check with fingerprints for the application process.

We look forward to meeting you and providing this fast and friendly service. If you have any further questions after reading the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


"This fingerprint service was a godsend considering the limited options for fingerprint services for Americans in Europe. I was able to schedule and complete the fingerprinting in a timely fashion in Brussels. My only other option was traveling to Paris, and amid COVID-19 border closures that was not possible. Shannon was warm and friendly, prompt and genuine. It was a painless process with a guarantee of service if the fingerprints were not accepted. Highly recommend choosing her over other options! 5 out of 5 stars.
Lauren K

"As a professional basketball club we often have foreign players within our organization. It was really a blessing to discover your service here in Brussels. In two days we were able to get an appointment where you provided good quality fingerprint cards. Thanks again for your help! I will definitely recommend you to our colleagues from the Clubs
Guy M

"Recently I needed an FBI Certificate of Clearance which involved taking fingerprints. Fingerprints Brussels was of excellent help; patient, gracious, service orientated and friendly. They kindly came to my office to help me on short notice. I warmly recommend their professional and friendly service to all.
Dr Paul V., Senior Chaplain, Brussels

"Fingerprint Brussels was the perfect service for our needs. We were in a hurry and needed fingerprint services for the US government. It was easy to schedule a meeting with Fingerprint Brussels even during covid. The process was fast and friendly. We were able to submit fingerprints for visa processing. I would definitely recommend Fingerprint Brussels.
Nate T.

For many, Fingerprints Brussels will be the most convenient location to get fingerprints whether you are searching for fingerprints in France, fingerprints in Holland, fingerprints in Luxembourg or fingerprints in Belgium.

How to Book

Schedule an Appointment

Please fill out the contact form and send. We will get back to you right away to arrange an appointment at your earliest convenience.

You do not need to bring the standard fingerprint form (FD-1164). We will supply these. Do bring a passport for identification purposes. Please bring your social security number if you have one.

To schedule an appointment with Fingerprints Brussels, please fill out the form and send.

Tell us what you need. When do you need fingerprints? Can you meet in Central Brussels? What time of day? For one or more persons? Where will fingerprints be sent?

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